About Us

We are the owner of Lugarno Fresh, a popular fruit and vegetable shop based in the suburb Lugarno in Southern Sydney.

Lugarno Fresh has been serving the local community with fresh fruit, vegetable and flowers for over 50 years. 

Australia Bulkbuy then


We now take the spirit of its previous owners online.

We recognise that the previous owners have done a fantastic job! The current owner, Jin, built on this local brand and its loyal customer base accumulated by those previous owners and began to building our online business, growing and strengthening our Internet brand: Australia Bulkbuy (Australiabulkbuy.com).

With altruistic minds, we offer products, services in great value to our customers! Stay tuned!


Australia Bulkbuy now


We specialise in delivering fresh fruit, vegetables and groceries to Sydney homes and offices.

The product you receive will have noticeably better quality and freshness than product you would get at a supermarket. We are confident the product selected is not based on looks but on flavour.

Our prices are mostly equivalent to or often better than supermarkets.

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